Sunday, 27 November 2011

Handmade Decorations for Rainbow Party!

This week we have been busy getting into the 'rainbow' spirit! Making some special additions for Dita's party on Sunday.

Some cute blue birds to go with our clouds that will be hanging over the candy table and some sweet mini bunting for the very special rainbow cake!

Friday, 25 November 2011


With the end of kindy year fast approaching (um like in 3 weeks eek!), thoughts of how to give thanks to those awesome ladies who have helped mold and shape my little girl for the past 2 years. Next year she is onto the big wide world of BIG school and i know kindy will be a distant memory.

I know we've already talked about the joys of jam so i wont go on about it too much... but you guessed it another batch of jam was made for these lovely ladies (am thinking a huge case of wine may have been more appreciated?!) so we say thank you for all that you have done and of course MERRY CHRISTMAS! xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011


This week we managed to cut down just two of the 6 bunches of bananas growing in our garden, i have been looking at them for years till someone said that you can eat them! After a bit of googling i realised that if they are left they rot and just fall off (that's if the possums haven't had a good go first!) so we cut them down whilst still green and let them ripen. They all seemed to ripen at the same time hence the HUGE bowl you can see, not the prettiest bananas you have ever seen but they are so little and very sweet, perfect for small people, who in my life are just that!

Next was what to do with all these bananas? After the little people started knocking them back i made a big batch of banana muffins and mashed the rest and freezed a few zip lock bags full for future banana goodies!

Just waiting for the next bunch to ripen! this may not seem like a phenomenon to some but this city girl who cant even grow mint is pretty excited to be eating totally organic bananas that i (sort of) grew!!....well no i didn't grow at all but they are in my garden so I might as well take the credit... a bit!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Shops We LOVE!

There are so many beautiful shops out there that here at Little Pear, we thought we might share some of our favs every once in a while.

The first of our favorite places to shop is the beautiful children's wear shop I Am Kidz in Avalon on the northern beaches. It is a one stop shop for beautiful clothes, shoes, toys, home furnishings and basically all things lovely for kids! The owner Jo has a great eye for sourcing unique and beautiful items for kids of all ages.

This months window is full of Christmas goodies including the amazing dolls houses from Lundby, Little Lamb Freckle rugs, dolls by Fabric and the ever popular saltwater sandles as well as an ever changing array of the latest summer styles for boys and girls!

We managed to enlist a little help from our very own little pears to show some off the beautiful clothes that can be all purchased at I am Kidz

Mice in Cigar box    Maileg
Cushions    La cerise sur Le gateau

Mushroom and bambi light     Heico
Noahs Ark   Maileg

on Dita -  Paperwings dress, Saltwater sandles
on Harlan -  Alphabet Soup t shirt, Mine by Kayla shorts Saltwater sandles

I Am Kidz
1/55 Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon NSW
Phone: 99734544