Saturday, 31 December 2011

HAPPY 2012!!

Just like to say a big Happy New Year! to everyone from Little Pear. Had a very quiet night with nice Champagne, beautiful Magnolias from the garden, cheese and yummy biscuits made from here.. What more do you need?!!

Hope your year ahead is filled with love, laughter but above all happiness! big love from Vanessa and Amy xxxxxx

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Know Christmas is over but........

Could not help but bake up another batch of Mince Pies! got the recipe from here. Just the perfect amount of crumbly-ness pastry and some good old fashioned jarred fruit mince. Way too good to just have one. Last batch.....promise (comment directed at ones self!)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Vintage Bunny

Its funny what comes to you when you least expect it! We have only just finished talking about an up and coming bunny party for a 2 year old little girl and voila! this gorgeous specimen was discovered at my dear aunts house. It was her egg cup as a little girl! So thank you aunt Helen, it will be loved and returned with great care! xxx

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Cant believe Christmas is in 2 sleeps!! Everyone at Little Pear are very very excited, especially the littlest pears!! Been bit slow on the whole tree, decoration and gift wrapping scenario but have finally completed all three!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish our lovely clients and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year. Hope to see you sometime next year for more parties, fun and celebration!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Family Christmas Lunch

Last weekend we were asked to put together a family gathering to celebrate Christmas. The space was surrounded by beautiful gardens which we took inspiration from and kept it fresh and green. The space was so lovely and had great natural light which made our job so much easier!

Along with the main dining table, we made up a little "Christmas Treats" table which featured homemade Mince Pies, Eggnog and some beautiful White Christmas one of the lovely guests brought along, so good we had to have a few pieces ourselves!!

A creamy nut encrusted fudge and spicy onion jam was made for a little take home favor for the guests.

We kept the decorations natural, using fabric, paper doilies, craft paper and hessian to highlight the space. Gorgeous white-green Hydrangeas added to the fresh feel.

All in all a lovely event....roll on Christmas!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Rainbow Party!!

Little Pear had so much fun creating a rainbow party on the weekend, it was lovely to be able to go crazy with colour, even though the storm brewed (heavy rain and hail!) a good time was had by all!

We wanted to create the rainbow feel but still with a natural tone which was done using vintage wooden crates, linen and hessian. Also with the printing of food,water and goody bag labels (done on craft card stock). Handmade birds and clouds hung from above as well as a HUGE yellow balloon adding sunshine to the table!

Rainbow jelly and lollypops added colour as did all the coloured gumballs, jellybeans and chocolate crackles.

Cute DIY pinwheels and little mustaches kept the guests happy outside under cover where we set up a cute photo op area!

The rainbow cake was the amazing finale with custom designed mini bunting. Once the cake was sliced it was rainbow happiness all round!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Handmade Decorations for Rainbow Party!

This week we have been busy getting into the 'rainbow' spirit! Making some special additions for Dita's party on Sunday.

Some cute blue birds to go with our clouds that will be hanging over the candy table and some sweet mini bunting for the very special rainbow cake!

Friday, 25 November 2011


With the end of kindy year fast approaching (um like in 3 weeks eek!), thoughts of how to give thanks to those awesome ladies who have helped mold and shape my little girl for the past 2 years. Next year she is onto the big wide world of BIG school and i know kindy will be a distant memory.

I know we've already talked about the joys of jam so i wont go on about it too much... but you guessed it another batch of jam was made for these lovely ladies (am thinking a huge case of wine may have been more appreciated?!) so we say thank you for all that you have done and of course MERRY CHRISTMAS! xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011


This week we managed to cut down just two of the 6 bunches of bananas growing in our garden, i have been looking at them for years till someone said that you can eat them! After a bit of googling i realised that if they are left they rot and just fall off (that's if the possums haven't had a good go first!) so we cut them down whilst still green and let them ripen. They all seemed to ripen at the same time hence the HUGE bowl you can see, not the prettiest bananas you have ever seen but they are so little and very sweet, perfect for small people, who in my life are just that!

Next was what to do with all these bananas? After the little people started knocking them back i made a big batch of banana muffins and mashed the rest and freezed a few zip lock bags full for future banana goodies!

Just waiting for the next bunch to ripen! this may not seem like a phenomenon to some but this city girl who cant even grow mint is pretty excited to be eating totally organic bananas that i (sort of) grew!!....well no i didn't grow at all but they are in my garden so I might as well take the credit... a bit!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Shops We LOVE!

There are so many beautiful shops out there that here at Little Pear, we thought we might share some of our favs every once in a while.

The first of our favorite places to shop is the beautiful children's wear shop I Am Kidz in Avalon on the northern beaches. It is a one stop shop for beautiful clothes, shoes, toys, home furnishings and basically all things lovely for kids! The owner Jo has a great eye for sourcing unique and beautiful items for kids of all ages.

This months window is full of Christmas goodies including the amazing dolls houses from Lundby, Little Lamb Freckle rugs, dolls by Fabric and the ever popular saltwater sandles as well as an ever changing array of the latest summer styles for boys and girls!

We managed to enlist a little help from our very own little pears to show some off the beautiful clothes that can be all purchased at I am Kidz

Mice in Cigar box    Maileg
Cushions    La cerise sur Le gateau

Mushroom and bambi light     Heico
Noahs Ark   Maileg

on Dita -  Paperwings dress, Saltwater sandles
on Harlan -  Alphabet Soup t shirt, Mine by Kayla shorts Saltwater sandles

I Am Kidz
1/55 Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon NSW
Phone: 99734544

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rainbow Party!

Here at Little Pear we are gearing up for a party for a gorgeous little girls 5th birthday! Seeing rainbow parties seem to be everywhere at the moment, we are going to put a extra little something something into it and do a Rainbow Brite party!!

So we are thinking extra large hellium balloons in the birthday girls favourite colours, lots of 'brite' coloured decorations and of course Rainbow Brite needs to make an appearence! (busy bargining on ebay as we speak!)

We will continue the old school theme with party food from long ago ie sausage rolls, chocolate crackles, fairy bread and rainbow jelly (who are we kidding, we love to produce all the above whenever we get a chance!!) and party games with a good measure of face painting for the partygoers!

Should be a FUN day!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Introducing the newest little pear.....Oscar !

The other half of the pear, our wonderful Amy has just had her gorgeous boy Oscar! Lots of cuddles have been had as he is so divine we just had to share with everyone! Mum and Oscar are doing great getting into the swing of things with big sister Leila who is very protective of him!
On our last visit, little presents were given....a few handmade cushions and a beautiful wrap. He is just lovely.... or have i already said that?!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Strawberry Jam!

Strawberry season is coming to an end and with that it was only appropriate to try our hands at Jam making. There is nothing better than homemade jam with no rubbish in it and then of course home made scones with double cream to go with it!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Italian Alfresco Baby Shower

We were lucky enough to be asked to put together a small baby shower with the emphasis on an outdoor afternoon feast! The mum to be doesnt know what she was having,so we kept it neutral with lots of bright yellows and oranges. We created a huge table setting where everyone could sit, eat and enjoy the surroundings. With a table full of Freesias, Ranunculus, Poppies, Chrysanthemums and Mint the spring scent was in the air!

A little photo booth was set up so guests could take a quick snap shot and add it into her guest book so she could remember her special day.

A drinks table was also set up with two big jugs of homemade lemonade and Pimms. The food was an italian fare with lots of delights to pick at through the course of the afternoon.

On leaving, the guests were asked to take a little pot of planted seedlings to take home and themselves grow and nuture just like the mum to be!