Saturday, 22 October 2011

Rainbow Party!

Here at Little Pear we are gearing up for a party for a gorgeous little girls 5th birthday! Seeing rainbow parties seem to be everywhere at the moment, we are going to put a extra little something something into it and do a Rainbow Brite party!!

So we are thinking extra large hellium balloons in the birthday girls favourite colours, lots of 'brite' coloured decorations and of course Rainbow Brite needs to make an appearence! (busy bargining on ebay as we speak!)

We will continue the old school theme with party food from long ago ie sausage rolls, chocolate crackles, fairy bread and rainbow jelly (who are we kidding, we love to produce all the above whenever we get a chance!!) and party games with a good measure of face painting for the partygoers!

Should be a FUN day!

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